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e-Lab Releases Foundation Virtual Instrument

e-Lab Releases Foundation Virtual Instrument


Based on e-LABs unique i.v.i. engine, Foundation is a loop-based virtual instrument with total tempo independance, realtime playback control, and creative freedom with separated drum loop parts (Kick, Snare & Hihat, etc all on separate tracks), effectively removing all limitations of handling breakbeats and loops.

Foundation comes with 3.7 GB of Funky Cracklin' HipHop Breaks, mixed with Jazzy Basses, Horns & Flutes, Chords and more. All sounds specifically recorded and produced for Foundation: 3000 drumloops, 5000 drumsamples with the ability to import external Rex2 files. 8 tracks of simultaneous drumloop playback with an interactive groove system enabling millions of loop combinations. To access mixing and editing you get kick, snare, hihat, etc on individual tracks, routed through 8 addressable synthesizers/stereo outputs. These offer extensive loop editing control with 8 separate synthesizer engines: Multimode Resonant Filters (HP, BP, LP); ADSR on both Amp. and Modulation Env; open architechture Modulation Matrix (LFO, Env, Velocity, Mod. Wheel, Filter, Pitch, Pan, Resonance, etc).

The i.v.i. engine uses Propellerhead 24 bit Rex2 format. Foundation supports VSTi, RTAS on Windows XP and VSTi, AudioUnits & RTAS on MacOSX.

e-Lab's Foundation retails for Euro 209,- excl. VAT.

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