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DVD Guide to Setting Up and Running PA Systems Released

DVD Guide to Setting Up and Running PA Systems Released


KEYFAX New Media announced it's latest DVD release: Exploring Sound Reinforcement. This 2 hour + DVD has been produced by Keyfax for Yamaha Corporation of America and looks at all aspects of buying, assembling and operating sound reinforcement systems.

Beginning with the individual pieces of equipment, the DVD explores options and set-ups for microphones, mixers, power amplifiers, loudspeakers and effects, also explaining crucial features and options in logical 'signal-flow' style.

The section 'Putting It All Together' takes you through the physical process of setting up your equipment, from positioning and cabling to running a soundcheck, as well as a major look at the pleasures and perils of different types of monitoring system.

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PA systems are used in everything from small and intimate settings to stadiums, and the DVD guides you through equipment and set-up for three very different scenarios, from an acoustic duo playing restaurants, to a medium sized church, to an international concert artist.

The program, shot on location and in Keyfax studios in Santa Cruz during 2004, is full of real live examples, expert advice from industry pros, simple explanatory diagrams and pop-up boxes, and good music.

Finally in case you need to brush up on reading German while speaking Japanese, this DVD comes ready to go in no less than six languages with independent subtitles.

Exploring Sound Reinforcement DVD is priced at $49.95 but for the moment is available directly from Keyfax at an introductory price of $39.95

For more information, visit their web site at

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