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“Dumme Leute ” by DJ  Schnapsidee

“Dumme Leute ” by DJ Schnapsidee


This song was made with the Mackie Tracktion program. All the instruments heard are synthetic and they where all included when I bought the software except for Plug sound free which was a free download from the Internet.

The sound has bean heavily equalized and compressed something I would normally avoid doing if it was a song with real Instruments but since the song consists entirely of synthetic instruments it does not matter if the sound becomes unnatural, because they where unnatural to start with.

I did the vocals myself and I did not use any pitch correction software. I actually recorded the vocals with two Shore SM57's It was unrehearsed and there is very little variation in the pitch of the vocals meaning it is very easy to sing for a not so skilled singer. I then used a chromatic tuner while I was singing and looked at the needle to check on my pitch.

Al affects where VST plug inns except the reverb used on the vocals came from a Behringer Virtualicer Pro. I plugged it in after the preamp before it went in to the computer

My personal opinion is that outboard gear sounds much better than VST plug ins but I made this song as a side project and it was convenient for me to use plug ins because I could just save my entire setup with a single mouse click. And then open it up again at my convenience and continue working on it. I have attempted to give it a heavy bass beat that does not make the speakers fart or sound muffled.

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I have used a lot of Compression especially with the Bass and Bass drum. I have made some attempts with a three band compressor on the master track but in the end I found the song more pleasing without the tree band compressor and decided not to use it

In case anyone is wondering the lyrics are in German.

P.S. If anybody happens to like this song you may use it distribute it and share it with friends or on your website as long as it is not used for any commercial purposes and acknowledgment is given to DJ Schnapsidee.

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