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Drums on Demand

Drums on Demand


Available in Acidized WAV, REX2 and Apple Loops formats, Essential Acoustic Percussion offers some of the most popular percussive instruments and rhythms found in pop, rock, folk and country music today. Whether you're adding color to a full production, need light accompaniment for an acoustic project, or if you're just looking for some cool inspiration to write to, Essential Acoustic Percussion delivers liked a seasoned session player.

This isn't just some percussionist gone wild. These are solid, acoustic performances that you will want to use in real songs. In addition to staples like tambourines, shakers and ethnic drums, EAP also includes some of the distinctive hand snare and sticks-on-rim grooves that are showing up in today's country tunes.

The 18 different percussion and myriad rhythms — almost 800 loops – are designed to add variety, interest and depth to your tracks: basket shaker, bongos, claves, congas, cowbell, djembe, egg shaker, fruit shaker, hand snare, soft shaker, mega shaker, One Shot® shaker, pop tambourine, seed pods, sticks, thin tambourines, tiny tambourine and tube shaker. Unique two-handed shaker combinations are included as well.

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Build Lifelike Tracks Quickly
Organized by instrument and tempo with easy-to-follow file names, you can quickly identify the instrument and rhythm you need for quick placement into your songs. And the different rhythms, alternates and naming system make it easy to mix and layer different instruments to build virtually unlimited combinations — tracks that build and change like a real performance. Loop name extensions include time-saving identifiers such as core note rhythm, main or alternate variation, shuffle and combo (for dual instruments).

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Other Key Features Include
· 775 loops — 991 megs on 2 CDs (24-bit versions)
·Versatile crossover percussion for pop, rock, folk, country and world
·Royalty Free
·Tempos include 60, 90, 120 and 150
·4/4 straight and 4/4 shuffles
·4th-, 8th-, 16th- & Triplet-8th-Note Core Rhythms
·Stereo miking and tracks for panning color and more control ·Quick and easy organization
·Mix and match feels for extensive layering
·Totally dry
·Available in 16- or 24-bit Acidized WAVs, Apple Loops (24-bit) or REX2 formats

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