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Drums On Demand Introduces DrumsTracks: Song-Length Performances

Drums On Demand Introduces DrumsTracks: Song-Length Performances


Song-Length DOD Performances.

Search and immediately download from more than 120 song-length drum performances in a variety of styles and meters. Each track includes different sections such as intro, verse, chorus, etc. You can use a track as is or cut and paste sections to create a unique performance. Buy the downloadable stereo track or choose multitrack upgrade (also a download). Stereo download includes 24-bit WAV file and MIDI file with section markers. Multitrack download includes all of the individual drum tracks as well as percussion, room and sometimes extreme room mics (9-12 tracks). Only $9.95 each or get three for $19.90 (automatically calculated on checkout) Previews include the entire track!

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The Mix

The Mix

Mixing is a complicated “mix” of art and science. In this Singing Canary tutorial, follow top engineer Clint Murphy as he takes you on a 60-video, step by step mixing journey.

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