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Drum Werks Volume V Released


October 19, 2004

The latest addition to Beta Monkey's hugely popular Drum Werks series, Drum Werks Volume V features over 700 acoustic drum loops in twelve different groove genres — from meaty 75 BPM rock grooves and popping 100 BPM funk-rock grooves to driving 150 BPM power pop beats and blistering 180 BPM rock shuffles — this release is a complete drum loops and samples collection. Drum Werks V will quickly become the “go to” disc in your acoustic drum loop and sample library.

For musicians writing rock, alt and modern rock, or power pop, Beta Monkey's Drum Werks Volume V offers:

  • Cohesive Sounds: All grooves, groove variations, fills, and one shot loops are taken from a single recording session. Users can mix and match all tempos, feels, and styles from twelve distinct groove folders. 738 (578 MB) license-free, 16/44, stereo, acidized drum loops total.
  • Complete Multi-Velocity Drum and Cymbal Sample Section: Multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded are included. The Drum Werks V sample kit can be used to build grooves from scratch or augment track construction with any of the 700 loops. 196 (105 MB) matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples total.
  • Hi-Hat and Ride Cymbal Patterns: Stand-alone HH and RC patterns, time-keeping with and without snare backbeats, are included. Use for time keeping or for full track construction with the provided samples.
  • The Finishing Touches/One Shots: Cymbal swells, ending ritards, and more. The “little” things most loop CD's don't include but are vital to realistic and natural drum tracks.

Free sample previews from Drum Werks Volume V are available on Beta Monkey Music's web site. All Beta Monkey disc orders come standard with free same-dayworldwide shipping.

For more information, visit their web site at

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