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Drum Werks Releases Downloadable Acoustic Drum and Cymbal Samples

Drum Werks Releases Downloadable Acoustic Drum and Cymbal Samples


Drum Werks is proud to announce the release of nearly 1.5 GB of downloadable drum and cymbal samples.

Available as instant downloads, individual sample packs offer pure, unprocessed, acoustic multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples of some of the most popular instruments available. The drum and cymbal sample library offers clean 24-bit acoustic WAV format multi-velocity samples extensively recorded to ensure dynamic realism in your drum tracks.

Each drum and cymbal is sampled and offered without any added EQ, compression, or effects. The sounds are clean, dry, and pure – allowing users complete control over the mix. Drums are sampled at multiple tunings as well as multiple variations of stick attacks. Extra attention is given to the snare sample packs, as they provide as velocities of strikes as well as cross sticks, snares off, flams and drags. The multi-sampling of each cymbal voice is likewise extensive. Cymbals are sampled with multiple stick hits, but also offer cymbal chokes, rolls, and other vital samples not commonly found.

Drum Werks drum and cymbal samples are ideal for all styles of rock, pop, country, blues, and metal. All samples are available as 24-bit, 44.1kHz mono and stereo drum samples in WAV format. DRUMAGOG GOG format samples will soon be available.

Download Prices: $2.99 – $8.99

For more information, visit their web site at

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