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Doppelmangler Updated to Version 1.1


January 7, 2005

An update to Doppelmangler, the spectral sample mangler in VST format for Windows, has been released, and registered users should already have received their copies.

The release includes new features designed to streamline the patch creation process, new effects, and bug fixes.

Here's the full list of new features:

  • Fixed naming bugs on saving
  • Preset name editable on UI
  • Fixed installer default directory
  • Morphcoder mangle FX
  • Better pitch detection algorithms
  • Improved Vocal presets and filter presets for formant filter (new includes male and female)
  • Fixed screen updating – Semi tones and mangleFX labels were not showing correctly when changing pages
  • New preset timelines for MultiEnvs
  • Fix sorting on file list,
  • Distortion is a little brighter
  • Resonance Boost button on formant filter
  • Descriptions for parameters when automating
  • Reset (init) Button
  • Show file length, sample rate, bits when you click on a .wav file.
  • 2 New skins

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