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“Dont Wait For Me” by Paul Hartley


This song was written about a month ago. It's acoustic with some added arrangement. All songs are recorded using Apple G5 running Logic Pro. For percussion I use either EX24 Drum sets (some from disks) wavs from disks or Drums on Demand Rex2 files. I prefer the rex as they fit the arrangement and are editable easily. Acoustic guitars are Yamaha and Washburn.

For mikes I use two for guitar so I can get a good stereo effect, either using one stereo track or two monos in Logic. The mikes are Audio Technica 4033 and my trusty old Tandy PZM which has got to be 15 years old. The interface is M-Audio Firewire 410 which suits my needs. Headphone monitor with Senheiser HD 400.

Again old but I love the sound. Alesis Monitor Ones for final mix assisted by Yamaha A100a amplifier.

Most of my stuff starts off in the same way. A phrase that gets put to music, then built up. Never do I have all the words or all the music first.

I love doing the studio work. Studio is small room 10ft x 10ft. It does the job. It's building the arrangement that I like but I have a tendency to go overboard. A simple little song that requires a simple little arrangement usually ends up like a Phil Spector production before I go therough the process of taking redundant tracks out. The beauty of Logic is that it's all there in the . For a writer like me, it's brilliant. I dont read music or play good keyboards (E Keys midi keyboard by the way) so to be able to fix the errors on screen is great for me. Everything is recorded dry and I never add any effects until I'm happy with the dry sound. Logic comes with so many EFX that again, there is a tendency to overdo it. For most songs I need just a little compression, or a little reverb.

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I've learned to get the vocal right up there in the mix too rather than hiding it behind a swamp of sounds. I use Garritan Personal Orchestra for strings etc. It's pretty good. i'll bet I use a fraction of what Logic is actually capable of doing. My recording technique is basic. If I wished for something it would be to have more sparkle. Cant seem to get that.

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