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Do you have a natural ear for sound?

Do you have a natural ear for sound?


Question from a Audio Masterclass visitor…

Mr. Mellor:

Ever since I was a kid, i have always had this inborn feeling that when I heard a certain sound (birds chirping, the crackling sound a record player makes, etc.), I could make that sound into a melodic masterpiece inside my head. It sounds kind of crazy, but my professors have told me that I must have a natural ear for sound.

Is that really possible?

Music is my passion and will always be. There are those who listen to music, and then there are people who feel it.

That's me! My dream is to work at any studio, I just want to be on the same frequency as all the masters..the greats…

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David Mellor replies…

I have two options… 1) I could ask ten thousand Audio Masterclass subscribers for their opinion (and if I was really cruel I could give them your e-mail address!) or, 2) I could suggest two words to you…

Prove yourself!

In the nicest possible way, the thought you have expressed in your message is shared by just about everyone who ever had the slightest idea that they might like one day to work in music.

So you're not unique. In fact, you're just like the rest of us!

So rather than have you embarrass yourself by repeating any of your words to music industry professionals who have heard them all before many, many times, I advise you to do this…

Start actually making some music. Get out in front of audiences and get them to hear your work. Make recordings that prove that you have exceptional abilities in recording.

Don't wait for someone to realize that you have a gift for music.

Everyone has a gift for music, why should you get picked first?

Music is a business where people who accustom themselves to harsh realities are the people who succeed.

Mark my words. When you eventually achieve the success you desire, you will look back on what you read here and consider it the best advice you ever had.

Anyone wishing to share their comments, please feel free…

David Mellor

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