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DM Digital Musician Debuts DM-Recorder Online Multitrack Recording Software

DM Digital Musician Debuts DM-Recorder Online Multitrack Recording Software


The new DM-Recorder software from DM Digital Musician is the first all-in-one solution for musicians to produce recordings together on the Internet. The application combines recording, communication and easy data exchange and links up perfectly with musicians and producers from all over the world on the community area of

“The DM-Recorder significantly eases working together on the Internet. For instance, to work with a vocalist online all they need now is a microphone and audio interface,” explains Digital Musician Managing Director Hans-Jörg Bordin.

“The integrated video chat allows producers to coach their artists as they would in a studio. Data exchange, even large files, is intuitively handled by the programme. Data limits commonly imposed by email accounts and time-consuming ftp transfers are a thing of the past.”

The DM-Recorder is a 16-rack audio recorder for live or time-delayed recording with several partners using an Internet broadband connection. Project owners can allocate single tracks to members of a joint project. The project's audio files can be securely swapped and stored on a central server allowing all involved to work with their own files independently. Takes can be recorded in real-time with two instances of the DM-Recorder using DM-Link technology.

With the software's integrated talkback and videoconference system, producers can coach their artists as if they were recording in a “real” studio. The DM-Recorder works in Rewire mode (master and slave) and can be run parallel with Ableton Live 4, Reason, ProTools , Logic and Cubase. Tracks can be swapped to and from other audio applications using drag and drop. The DM-Recorder is a stand-alone complete recording application for Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X. The only requirements needed are a free account and a broadband Internet connection.

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