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Discovery Channel, girl bands and the sE USB2200a!


Bob Bradley has spent 20 years in the music business – not bad for a man of 30! But touring the world and putting out his own albums have taken a back seat while he produces some of the biggest names in the pop world, namely Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Natalie Imbruglia.

And when he’s not riding the faders in his Leeds studio he’s busy scoring music for the BBC and Discovery channels. But no matter what the project, Bob insists on using sE products to get the best results he can.

“I use sE’s Gemini II [dual-valve mic] for pretty much all my vocals and voice recording now. In fact, I have it set up here full time, just ready to roll. The combination of that and the Reflexion Filter has made a lot of my other mics redundant. The Reflexion Filter is a great idea that was well overdue – it's a fantastic tool, and even in an expensive vocal booth it will still be a great benefit. I also record a lot of brass, and after experimenting with the Gemini it's now got the job full time!”

“Obviously the performance is the most important part of the recording process, but you need to know that you have captured that performance as accurately as possible. A good all-round mic is essential and I am happy to say that the Gemini II is now my workhorse.”

“We have an upright Steinway at the studio, and for that I always choose the sE3s because they’re just so warm. But that warmth also makes them ideal for strings, acoustic guitars, mandolins… the list goes on!”

But it’s not just in the studio that Bob relies on sE, favouring the USB-powered USB2200a wherever his travels take him.

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“I recently acquired a USB2200a mic that came with me and my laptop on a writing and recording expedition to the Middle East. It was a godsend! I could just plug it into my laptop for quick ideas and I ended up recording half an albums worth of vocals with it.”

“The USB2200a is a very transparent microphone, which is exactly what you need for field recording. Plus it comes with a very useful headphone socket on the back with its own volume control, making it great for zero-latency monitoring. Simple and effective. Oh, and it’s well built too, which makes it handy for travelling with. It’s another great idea that sE have taken to a professional level.”


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