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Digital Peak Meter Pro Update Adds VST Support

Digital Peak Meter Pro Update Adds VST Support


January 14, 2005

Blue Cat's Music Software has updated Digital Peak Meter Pro to version 1.1, which includes the first VST version. The upgrade is free for registered customers, and new customers will get 20% off until January 31st.

The Digital Peak Meter plug-in allows the musician to record the envelope of the signal and more (reversed envelope, parametrized envelope) as an automation curve (VST or DX automation supported).This curve can be used for another effect parameter on the same track or on other tracks (depending on your host), which means you can apply the “side-chaining” concept to any automatiable parameter of any DX or VST effect.

Changes in version 1.1 include:

  • VST version released.
  • GUI improvement: now support non-standard DPI Settings.
  • Now also records clip information.
  • Simplified parameters to record.
  • Version info is now shown in the about box (click on logo).
  • Bug fix: host may crash when stopping playback and the “Off” button of the peak meter is pressed.
  • Decay time can be set up to 1000ms.

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Digital Peak Meter Pro costs 10 Euro (8 Euro through January 31st). (8 Euro instead of 10 Euro). A demo version is now available. Blue Cat also offers a free version, Digital Peak Meter, that doesn't include the controls offset, scaling, and reverse controls over the generated envelope.

For more information, visit their web site at

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