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Digital Musician Introduces Version 1.5 Of DML VST Plug-In

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Thursday November 30, 2006

The online collaboration platform,, introduces the latest version (1.5) of its PC and Mac VST plug-in DML (digital musician link). Three new functions form the core of the update.

- CHAT: All logged-in users can communicate with each other using the integrated chat function and, for example, make dates for joint sessions.

- USER PROFILE: There is now a button called "User Profile" in the plug-in window. During a session, it can link directly to the "Artists & Studios" homepage of the session partner making it possible to get information about them. - LIVE INPUT: In version 1.5 of the DML plug-in, Cubase and Nuendo users have the possibility to make use of the "Live-Input" function, which compensates the input latency of live instruments so that everything is heard in the right position during recording.

Live presentation of the DML plug-in in cooperation with Terratec

The DML plug-in will be presented live at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. New York guitarist Burr Johnson will play a live guitar arrangement on the Terratec Producer stage using the DML plug-in into the audio workstation. As part of his Axon "guitar to MIDI" presentation, the data will be transferred as audio and MIDI using a standard broadband Internet connection. Communication between both partners is audiovisual using a talkback microphone and webcam, which are standard features of the DML plug-in. Both exhibition stands are near each other in Hall 5.1 (A62 and B37) so that you can see the online session at either.

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