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Digidesign Shows DV Toolkit 2 Option For Pro Tools LE System


Digidesign announce the DV Toolkit™ 2 option for Pro Tools LE™ systems. Building on the popular DV Toolkit, DV Toolkit 2 provides an even larger collection of tools for producing high-end sound for film or video. DV Toolkit 2 is the perfect solution for users who need access to post production features previously available only with Pro Tools|HD® systems or who want a cost-effective entry to the world of sound for film.

DV Toolkit 2 includes three powerful plug-ins that are ideal for working with sound for picture: the TL Space™ Native Edition convolution reverb, DINR™ LE intelligent noise reduction tool, and the Synchro Arts VocALign Project for Pro Tools time-alignment tool. It adds the DigiBase™ Pro file management tool for working with the large number of files and volumes on post projects, the DigiTranslator™ 2.0 option for importing and exporting projects to and from video editing applications, such as Avid Xpress® software, and the Pro Tools® MP3 Option for exporting mixes as MP3 files.

With DV Toolkit 2, users can expand Pro Tools sessions to up to 48 mono or 48 stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz for accommodating complex post production projects. In addition, DV Toolkit 2 adds a wide selection of post-specific Pro Tools functions, many of which were previously available only with Pro Tools HD software, including: Time Code and Feet + Frames Functions, Replace Region and Edit to Timeline Selection Commands, Scrub Trim Tool, Export Session Text, Continuous Scrolling, and the Universe Window. DV Toolkit 2 also includes an upgrade to Pro Tools LE 7.1 software from any previous version of Pro Tools LE software, enabling users to experience the full creative power of Pro Tools systems.

Available soon, the MSRP of the DV Toolkit 2 is $1,295 US. Recent purchasers of Pro Tools 7 software updates may visit the Digidesign Web site for a special offer to be announced soon.

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