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Digidesign Announces Drawmer TourBuss Plug-In for VENUE

Digidesign Announces Drawmer TourBuss Plug-In for VENUE


Exclusively available for VENUE systems, Digidesign has introduced the Drawmer TourBuss plug-in suite. Designed with the live sound engineer in mind, Drawmer TourBuss offers four dynamics plug-ins that retain the layout and emulate the sound of Drawmer's DS201 Noise Gate and DL241 Auto-Compressor hardware units.

Drawmer TourBuss includes:

  • Noise Gate — Modeled after the Drawmer DS201 (the world's first “frequency-conscious” noise gate), the TourBuss Noise Gate performs and sounds like the original hardware unit.
  • Compressor/Limiter — Combining aspects of both ratio-style and soft-knee compressors, the TourBuss Compressor/Limiter is equally adept at creative work and unobtrusive level control.
  • Expander — The TourBuss Expander features advanced capabilities — such as soft ratio settings — that are designed to overcome problems encountered by typical expanders when trying to distinguish between low-level sounds and background noise.
  • Bracketing Filter — With low and high 12 dB-per-octave filters, the TourBuss Bracketing Filter provides an easy way to remove unwanted frequencies that bleed into the source, without having to use a more complicated, resource-hungry equalizer.
  • Easy Integration — The Drawmer TourBuss suite integrates easily into the VENUE environment, providing control of all of the plug-ins directly from the D-Show console's surface. The Compressor/Limiter and Gate, for example, can be controlled from the central D-Show Assignable Channel Section. Because the TourBuss plug-ins share the same standard controls as the built-in D-Show dynamics (including threshold, attack, etc.), moving back and forth between the built-in effects and the Tourbuss plug-ins is straightforward.

The Drawmer TourBuss suite is available only through the DigiStore (

For more information, visit their web site at

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