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Diamond Guitar Pedals Releases Opto-Compressor/EQ

Diamond Guitar Pedals Releases Opto-Compressor/EQ


Diamond Guitar Pedals has added an opto-compressor/EQ to its line of hand-built guitar pedals. Recording studios often use rackmount 'vocal channels' – a mic preamp, compressor, and EQ all-in-one unit as a high quality front end for vocal recording. The Diamond Compressor is Diamond's take on a 'guitar channel' – a dynamics and tone shaping tool for live and studio use – with low-noise, ultra-linear signal buffering, smooth opto-based compression that preserves initial pick transients, and a versatile 'tilt' EQ that shifts overall frequency balance.

The Compressor has been engineered for optimized attack and release times, with a user-friendly three control package – just Comp, EQ and Volume. Premium polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors and an audiophile-grade opamp are used to provide the signal path and extended frequency response that complements both electric and acoustic guitar applications, according to the company. To simplify level setting, the Diamond Compressor uses a two-color status LED: green for on/off, with red to dynamically indicate the amount of compression.

Other features include true bypass switching and the option to use a standard negative tip 9V adapter. Sound samples of the Diamond Compressor are available for download.

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Diamond Guitar Pedals are available in the US at at a list price of $169.99. They are also available at retail outlets across Canada including Long & McQuade, Italmelodie in Montreal, and Musicstop locations throughout Atlantic Canada, and in the EU through Taranaki Guitars. All pedals are backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at

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