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“Desert Hiway” by Dreamstorm


I use Cool Edit pro Multitracking software thru a M-Audio 24/96 Soundcard. I used a Custom built DAW Tower with 1.8 gig processor and 512 megs of ram with 98SE as the operating system. I have a drummer to the drum track in a normal studio and record the Wav file to be put in my CEP. I have a Mackie DFX 6 channel mixer that I use for the Guitars, Bass and Vocal Mics.

The sound card goes into a Yamaha Natural sound receiver with KEF C series reference series as monitors. Guitars are Ibanez RG,Fender Telecaster. Bass is Ibanez SX. Vocal Mic is MXL 990 and 991 for Acoustic guitar(Ibanez Artwood) I also used a Shure SM-57 for Guitars thru a Fender Frontman Amp. I recorded the Bass first on Track 2 and then 5 Rhythm guitar tracks 3-7 and panned 2 tracks middle left and right, one in the middle and acoustic in the middle with stereo Chorus added from the Mixer

I then mixed down and then added solo guitar using Ibanez RG with crybaby wah pedal thru digitech amp simulator box into Mixer.

I then Mixed down finished tracks and bounced them to track 8.

I then set up tracks 9-12 for main vocals and 13-14 for chorus harmony Vox. I use 2 busses with Delay, Reverb and compression. I used MXL-990 Condenser Mic for all vocals dry out of the Mackie Mixer. When I was finished with the vocals tracks I then mixed the tracks and then mixed down to file. I then Opened Up my Wavelab 4 and mastered the raw stereo mixdown.

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I used the Stereo Expander, Timeworks mastering EQ and Wavelabs Multiband Compressor. After setting the EQs and compression using Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones I then listened with the KEF's and then Rendered the 24 bit mixdown to 16 bit saved the Wav and MP3 files. I then burned CD's for various listening enviornments and will go back if needed for touchup mixing and mastering.

Further information is available at www.nowhereradio.com/artists/?aid=1929/

Sound Recording

Sound Recording

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