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Monday March 28, 2005

TC Electronic announced the immediate availability of the DB-4 Broadcast Audio Processor. DB-4, designed for use within TV and radio stations and their regional centers, serves analog and digital transmission, OB and Linking with Realtime Loudness Control, Format Conversion, Five-Band Processing and advanced Limiting. DB-4 is now shipping at EUR 8500 retail ex. VAT and GBP 5900 retail ex. VAT.

Consistency of Loudness is the most critical element to get right in the broadcast of audio. The DB-4 employs the same cutting technology found in TC's DB-8 Broadcast Audio Processor, streamlining production, and most importantly eliminating listener complaints concerning 'level jumping'.

DB-4 and DB-8 are preset compatible, and include the same I/O capabilities. They do differ in their complement of discrete processors; DB-4 has two compared to the four inside DB-8. By no means does this limit each processor's capability. For example, one DB-4 can apply different processing to four mono, two stereo or two 5.1 signals, or a combination such as one stereo and one 5.1 signal. However, DB-4 does offer a more financially viable solution for smaller stations and regional centers, and its software will stay synchronized with DB-8.

On the audio front, DB-4 can optimize the performance of data reduction systems. Working with codecs such as MPEG4, Dolby AC3, MP3, AAC and DTS, the unit improves audio quality and consistency with any Digital Radio or TV format from cell phone broadcast to HDTV, according to the company. When analog transmission is abandoned, both DB-4 engines can be easily switched to serve all digital transmission.

DB-4 integrates directly with standard Master Control applications. Changes are applied using Serial control, GPI or Ethernet, and multiple units can be monitored via SNMP trapping. Local or remotely located DB-4 and DB-8 units can also be controlled from the Icon program included with the machine.

For more information, visit their web site at

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