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“Dance on the Roof” by Dado Dzihan


'Dance on the Roof' by Dado Dzihan, excerpt from feature film 'Well Tempered Corpses' Dir. Benjamin Filipovic, published by Warner Chappell Italy.

My recording process varies from project to project. This particular piece was composed on piano. After the music was finalised, midi programming followed and when everything was in place, I recorded a live string quartet and some other instruments. To keep the live vibe there was no quantisation on midi instruments except minor repair on a few notes. Due to complexity of the project (film scoring on different location) the process started in Vienna Austria. Via Ljubljana Slovenia final mix and mastering was done here in the UK.

The primary sequencer was Logic. The strings were recorded in Ljubljana on Nuendo via a custom desk with Quested monitors and a selection of AKG mics notably 414s. Strings were processed (couple of takes mixed together) with Pro Tools plug-in suite and the only hardware used was Aphex aural exciter 104 with big bottom. Everything was mixed in Pro Tools and master mix went through the Massive Passive EQ by Manley and Prism compressor with a touch of Waves ultra-maximizer. That was it. Thanks for reading.

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