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Damage Control Announces Demonizer Tube Preamp with Distortion

Damage Control Announces Demonizer Tube Preamp with Distortion


July 6, 2004

Damage Control designs and manufactures audiophile guitar products,
combining the best qualities of analog, digital, and mechanical designs.
The Demonizer is one of their first products, a pure Class A dual-tube preamplifier
pedal with distortion.

The Demonzier offers an all analog dual EH12AX7 preamp with opto-compressor
and pre/post EQ. The preamp is designed to react like a tube amp's combined
preamp and power amp sections. The true analog Bionic EQ allows tone shaping
in both the Pre and Post Tube stages with 2 concentric knobs that shape amplitude
and frequency. The Demonizer also features a “magic-eye” average output meter
that reacts to your performance levels.


  • Dual 12AX7's
  • 2 channels (Engage and Nuclear)
  • Easy Operation
  • Included Power Supply
  • Analog Tube Circuit Designs
  • True switch bypass
  • Regulated Switching Power Supply with High Voltage Output for True Amp
    Level Tube Biasing
  • Unique “Magic Eye” Display Technology
  • Remote System Architecture for Master Footpedal Control
  • Metal Knobs and Switches
  • Rugged cast aluminum Mechanical Design
  • Bionic Tube Pre & Post Tone Control Features
  • Made in USA

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Demonizer will be available direct from Damage Control. Price: $349. The Demonizer
is expected to ship in October 2004.

For more information, visit their web site at www.damagecontrolusa.c

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