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CymPad Introduces Special Ride Cymbal Optimizer.

CymPad Introduces Special Ride Cymbal Optimizer.


The new and improved Cymbal Optimizer cymbal washer for both ride and large crash cymbals is the latest innovation from CymPad.

Utilizing the cymbal washer specialist's advanced design and premium-grade foam material, the new product offers greater consistency, durability and overall performance for a variety of live and studio drumming applications.

Cympad's Ride Cymbal Optimizers feature a higher density, firmer foam and increased height to better support larger, heavier ride and crash cymbals. The new Ride washers come is a two-pack that carries a suggested list price of $5.00 and have a bright orange Cympad logo to identify and differentiate them from the specialist's original Optimizer and Moderator cymbal washers.

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Played and endorsed by the world's leading drummers and percussionists, CYMPAD is an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. CYMPAD foam cymbal washers have been developed to outperform and outlast conventional felt washers while offering drummers a host of additional advantages.

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