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CUBE Family Grows with Addition of CUBE-60

CUBE Family Grows with Addition of CUBE-60


April 1, 2004

The new CUBE-60 brings Roland's CUBE amplifier line to new levels and larger venues. The CUBE-60 packs 60 watts of power into a familiar compact design, incorporating a newly developed 12-inch speaker and specially tuned amplifier.

The CUBE-60 incorporates nine onboard COSM Amp models and Roland's new “Dyna Amp” amp type. Onboard COSM amp models, including JC, British Combo and R-Fire, reproduce the characteristics of popular classic and modern amps, down to the preamp and circuits, speaker and outputs.

The new Dyna Amp enables unique tone transitions to be created based on a picking dynamics i.e. a transparent clean output sound can be created by picking softly, or a powerful hi-gain amp sound by picking more aggressively. Additionally, Dyna Amp's distortion characteristic is capable of creating dynamic tonal transitions based on the intensity of a performance.

The CUBE-60 builds in six of Roland's effects, including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, EQ and an independent Delay/Reverb processor. There is a newly equipped Bright switch and Presence knob and footswitch inputs for switching channels and turning delay/reverb and effects On/Off.

In addition to the Control feature, the CUBE-60 offers output options for recording or live performance. There are separate output jacks for Recording/Phones Out, Line Out and Ext Speaker Out. Additionally, the Tuner Out jack makes it easy to connect an outboard tuner.

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