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Cubase Tutorial Series Completed with Cubase SX Level 3

Cubase Tutorial Series Completed with Cubase SX Level 3


ASKVideo Interactive Media is now shipping Level 3 completing the trilogy series of interactive tutorial DVDs for Cubase SX 3.

Cubase SX 3 Tutorial DVD Level 3 is an advanced, fast paced tutorial that delves deep into the most advanced areas of Cubase. Topics like Time Warp, Audio Warp, Audio Processing, MIDI Devices, Rewire and VST System Link are explored in detail – using clear examples to illustrate the some of the more difficult concepts.

There are a total of 26 indexed videos, providing over 3 hours of advanced instruction on Cubase SX 3.

With all three levels now shipping this completes the Cubase tutorial DVD trilogy series. Three DVD-ROMs, 80 individual topics and nearly 8 hours of video.

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