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CSR-1 Central Station Remote Now Shipping

CSR-1 Central Station Remote Now Shipping


July 2, 2004

PreSonus Audio Electronics is now shipping the CSR-1 ($199.95 retail) optional remote for the Central Station studio control center.

The CSR-1 connects to the rear of the Central Station with 12-foot cable via DB9 connector. Controls on the CSR-1 include: VOLUME, TALKBACK, DIM, MUTE, MONO as well as input source switching and speaker output switching functions. The CSR-1's cable contains two sets of individually shielded twisted pair cables in order to maintain the Central Station's passive audio path.

“Other desktop monitoring devices bring cables through the unit on the desktop making long and messy cable runs,” explains Rick Naqvi, Director of Sales and Marketing for PreSonus Audio. “The CSR-1 gives the user complete monitoring and talkback control while keeping all cables and connections to the rack-mountableCentral Station and off the desktop.”

The CSR-1 is now available at PreSonus Dealers Worldwide.

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