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Cry Is All I Do by Don Norman

Cry Is All I Do by Don Norman


Cry Is All I Do

Artist's information…

I began playing guitar in 1958 and was composing songs by late 1959. Early influences were Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. The first time I was in a professional recording studio was September 1961 and I still have the master tape. The session was for two songs that I had composed and the band was known as the Continentals.

By the year 1963 I had joined a band by the name of the Esquires, which had already released two singles in Canada for Capitol Records. I became the vocalist for this group and some months later, in the early spring of 1964, we recorded an LP for Capitol. This was followed by three more single releases including “Cry Is All I Do”. I wrote the song in 1964 and it was recorded in early 1965 and released that spring. I left the Esquires in the summer of 1965 and went on to form Don Norman and the Other Four, which released two single recordings. These were songs written by me; “All Of My Life” and “Low Man”.

I stopped performing with a band in 1967 but never lost my love of music. I’ve had a home recording set up of some kind or another since 1983.

The submitted version of “Cry Is All I Do” was recorded twelve years ago on a Yamaha four track cassette machine. I had to do a bit of track bouncing and also apply effects, on the fly. I do things differently these days; meaning no more bounced tracks and all effects are applied non-destructively, after the track has been recorded.

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One little added trick I did apply to my recording of “Cry Is All I Do”, before submitting it to the Second Creativity Competition; a re-mastering job and that’s why it blasts out of your speakers! I have some amazing software for this process.

I don’t really have any ambitious plans at my ripe old age except for completing a CD that I and my drummer friend, Ron and I are working on. We have five tracks completed and hope to have the project finished before the end of 2007.

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