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CreamWare Introduces New Sonic Restoration Package


December 27, 2004

New from CreamWare is REstore, a new sonic restoration package that consists of the new osirisXP restoration plugin bundle, a SCOPE home DSP card, the PSY-Q Psycho Acoustic Processor and tripleLE, the light edition of CreamWare's new generation digital audio editor.

The new osirisXP restoration bundle, which was developed in colaboration with the restoration experts from Algorithmix includes DeClicker, DeCrackler and DeNoiser, is a toolkit for reducing or eliminating all kinds of unwanted sonic disturbances. The DeClicker features five different algorithms for removal of clicks. The DeNoiser can be trained to adjust to specific noise profiles, also effectively reducing or removing hum, buzz and other background noise.

The PSY-Q plugin supplied with REstore can be used to add liveliness, presence and contour to the restored signal, both in the high and the bottom end of the signal. tripleLE provides facilities to record, edit and mix audio material, also supporting the popular MP3 format. In combination with an installation of Ahead Nero Version 6 software, red book compatible audio CDs can be writtendirectly from the arranger window.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.creamware.com

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