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Craig Anderton’s amazing multiband Helix presets

Craig Anderton’s amazing multiband Helix presets


The Quadrafuzz, created in the mid-80s by Craig Anderton (and since virtualized as plug-ins by Steinberg and MOTU), has become legendary as the first commercial multiband distortion unit. By splitting the guitar into four frequency bands and processing each band individually, the resulting distortion had a clarity and focus that gave the guitar an unprecedented level of sonic definition. Unfortunately, the technology was difficult to implement in analog hardware, although PAiA Electronics created a do-it-yourself kit (which is still available) for guitarists who could handle a soldering iron.

However with the Line 6 Helix, which offers four independent audio processing paths, multiband distortion has become a practical reality. These 128 multiband presets, custom designed for the Helix Floor, Rack, and Native versions, bring out a level of articulation and clarity—as well as stereo imaging—you’ve never heard before out of single-band distortion. Optimized for chords, these big, bold presets are essential Helix additions, and available now for $29.95 (download only) from

60 multiband presets (one for each current Helix amp model) split the guitar into 2 to 4 bands, and process each band individually. Each of these presets has 8 snapshots (480 sounds total). And for serious customizing, another 60 presets (no snapshots) are basic 4-band versions of all amps, with no additional effects. 6 additional clean presets are based on dialing back the Drive on distorted amps. The final two presets are templates for creating your own multiband presets.

What really drives the point home is when you compare the sound of the stock Helix amps with the multiband versions. The demo video at includes several comparisons, as well as sound examples of various multiband amps.

The pack also includes documentation on how to use, customize, and get the most out of this innovative preset collection. With “Craig Anderton’s Amazing Multiband Helix Presets”, next-gen guitar sounds are here.

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