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Covered Trembuckers Available from Seymour Duncan


November 3, 2004

In response to increasing customer demand, Seymour Duncan, the Santa Barbara-based pickup company, will now offer their popular Trembucker pickup range in nickel and gold-plated covers. “Trembucker” is Seymour Duncan's brand name for their wider-spaced humbucking pickups, designed to fit the string spacing most commonly associated with Floyd Rose or vintage vibrato bridges (often called tremolos) with a string spacing of 2.070″ or 52.6mm, measured center-of-high-string-to-center-of-low-string over the bridge pickup. This spacing issue usually applies to the bridge position pickup only, which is why Trembuckers are recommended for the bridge position.

The covered Trembuckers feature a cover material comprised of a nickel silver substrate, which is hand-buffed and plated in either nickel or 24-karat hard gold. After the cover is installed, the pickups are vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance and then hand-polished. The nickel silver material was chosen for its non-ferrous properties, which do not influence the sound of the pickup. Duncan also uses the same material on their covered standard humbucker pickups, designed for bridges with string spacing of 1.930″ or 49mm.

Most Duncan humbuckers are also available in the wider-spaced Trembucker version. For example, their SH-4 JB Model is humbucker-spaced; while the TB-4 JB Trembucker is the wider-spaced version of the same pickup. “Now, both versions will be available with covers,” says Billy Gill, Seymour Duncan's Sales Manager. “If you're not sure if you need a humbucker or a Trembucker, just measure from the middle of the high string to the middle of the low string, directly over the bridge pickup. If it's greater than two inches or 50mm, go for a Trembucker.If it's less than two inches or 50mm, go for a humbucker.”

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