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Cordial Cables USA: open for business


Over the course of 20+ years, Cordial GmbH has become Europe's premier cable company—the first-choice brand for performing artists, live sound technicians, recording engineers, and venue designers throughout Europe and Asia. Now, in partnership with MV Pro Audio, Cordial is bringing their extensive range of premium products to North American musicians and lovers of high quality audio.

From the all-German-made cabling to the hand-soldered Neutrik connectors; the ultra-pure oxygen-free copper cores to the eye-catching durable wraps; the sustainable green packaging to the workhorse multicore hardware; Cordial products, both ready-made and bulk, are designed to deliver uncompromised sound and rock solid performance every time you plug in.

Details, specs, applications, and the entire catalog of exceptional Cordial products can be found at Cordial's new Web site, Or get a quick overview of the U.S. operations at www.CordialCablesUSA. And be sure to stop by our shop, Cordial Cables USA, for a select assortment of popular models, including the all-new METAL series instrument cables (detailed below.)

Coming soon to fine retailers across the U.S. and Canada!

Explore Cordial's extensive range of ready-made, multicore, and bulk products at the company's new Web site:

…or get a quick overview of the company along with links to some of Cordial's more popular products at:

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

And be sure to visit our Cordial Cables USA shop on–the place for premium Cordial cables!

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