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ConcreteFX Releases Unison and Micron Subtractive VSTis

ConcreteFX Releases Unison and Micron Subtractive VSTis


June 1, 2004

ConcreteFX has released Unison and Micron, the commercial versions
of their free synth Ensembler. Unison and Micron, the less computationally
intensive version of Unison, are available for $70/60Euro/£40 and for
an initial period will come free with the synths Adder and Digital as well.

Unison is a 6 oscillator subtractive synth which uses modelled analog waveforms
and additive waves to create a wide range of different sounds, from pads and
sequences to basses and lead synths.

Unison features:

  • 6 Oscillators using 5 modelled sounds or additive sounds created from 64
  • Oscillators can be combined together using frequency modulation, ring modulation
    or syncing
  • 3 multimode filters
  • 3 effect buses using 10 different effects
  • 6 ADSFR envelopes, multi-shaped LFOS and variable length step sequences
  • Full midi control of all the parameters, plus control using note velocity,
    aftertouch, modulation, pitchbend and pitch
  • Works in stereo/mono/legato/arp modes
  • Over 400 presets and full manual

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Micron features:

  • 3 Oscillators using 5 modelled sounds and 64 additive waves
  • 9 different oscillator modulation paths
  • 12/24 dB filter with peak seperation
  • Multi-length trancegates for volume and filter frequency
  • Stereo Delay / Chorus with 2 band EQ and stereo width control
  • Works in stereo/mono/legato/arp modes
  • 128 presets and full manual

Demo versions are available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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