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Common Ground releases Anglerfish Drone synth DIY kit

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Tuesday March 26, 2019

KOMA Elektronik’s open electronics workspace and synthshop COMMON GROUND is happy to announce the immediate release of the ANGLERFISH, a 6 voice standalone square wave synth DIY kit with playable touch keys, light-sensitive cross-modulation with UV LED indicators, master tilt EQ, and built-in dimmable light control. Create deep drones, squeaky microsounds and haunting rhythmic explorations with the twist of a knob. The ANGLERFISH’s noises and drones are highly musical & performable but with just the right amount of chaos when you activate the light-sensitive cross modulation.

The ANGLERFISH is a perfect first DIY kit for people starting out with soldering  — with simple components, a well-labeled PCB, and build instructions in the manual, the Anglerfish is ideal for those looking to get into DIY kits but seeking a more accessible starting point than typical DIY modules. And it is hackable! Mix it up and create your own unique tuning, add external controls, change the sensitivity of the modulation, or whatever else you can scheme up….

The DIY kit is available exclusively from KOMA Elektronik’s storefront Common Ground for 65 € incl. VAT. If you’re new to soldering and in Berlin, come to a kit-building workshop led by the synth’s creator Bridget Ferrill in April and May.

Watch on youtube:

For more information and to place an order, go to

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