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Combined Sound Designers | Spectral Suite Available for Windows and OS X


November 24, 2004 has now combined two of their plug-in bundles, the Sound Designers Pack and Spectral Pack, into a single bundle, the Sound designers | Spectral Suite, now available in VST formats for both Windows and Mac OS X.

The Suite is composed of five DSP plug-ins:

  • Spectral Morpher – a plug-in that works in the frequency domain and gives you possibility to completely alter the source stream according to another, loaded sample or side chain stream with different transformation modes. There 11 processing modes available: Convolution (cross synth), Magnitude only convolution, spectral Vocoder effect, Blend and 7 mutation modes.
  • Phat – a bass exciter (based on subharmonic synth), used to excite and mix low frequency harmonic content.
  • Phat Pro an enhanced version of the Phat plug-in. Adds even more flexible controls on low frequency content. Features 6th order elliptic low pass filters, three bass processing algorithms, hard limiter and post effect waveshaper. Ideal for Dolby Digital / DTS low frequency channel control.
  • PitchShift multiband – spectral pitch shifter that preserves the incoming signal's duration, and has adjustable pitch for each individual band.
  • daBomb – distortion device with two modes features physically modeled tube screamer simulating four different input circuits.

The PC version, already availble for a few weeks now, has been updated. Changes include:

  • Latency reported properly now.
  • Parameter names for automation fixed.
  • Updated Spectral Morpher presets by Martin Walker, Sound on Sound magazine.
  • Minor fixes for some hosts, including Tracktion.

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A VST PC and OSX demo version is available for download.

System requirements :

  • PC: Windows 9x/XP, minimum 800 Mhz machine (faster recommended), 128MB RAM.
  • OSX: MacOS X 10.x, G4 800Mhz (G5 1.6Ghz recommended), 128MB RAM.

The Suite is offered at a price of $75 (PC) and $99 (OSX) via online ordering only. Sound designers and Spectral packs owners get free upgrade. Price includes lifetime free upgrades and AU and RTAS versions when they will be released.

For more information, visit their web site at

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