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Clavia Releases Software Demo of Nord Modular G2


January 3, 2004

Now you can experience the sounds of the Nord Modular G2 synthesizer, along with the graphical editing capabilities, using just your PC – no specialized hardware required. Just download the new software demo for Windows and you can get a taste of what Clavia's modular synthesizer can do.

Viewing dedicated hardware as the proper tool for the job, this demo is not intended as a virtual instrument, but just to give you an idea of what the Nord Modular G2 platform is capable of, since you may not find a complete set up with a PC for the editor application in your local retail store.

The demo is limited compared to the hardware version. The software demo is capable of producing only one voice of one sound, as opposed to the 32 voices per sound on the 4-part multitimbral hardware. A few of the modules in the demo are disabled, and the demo doesn't support audio input for processing and MIDI output. Actual performance of the demo is of course subject to thespeed of your processor.

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You can download the Nord Modular G2 Demo software right now for free.

For more information, visit their web site at

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