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“Chase My Blues Away” by The Sole Proprietor


“Chase My Blues Away” was first written in 1979 when inflation was rampant, unemployment rates were high and stock market slides were common. Guess what? It’s happening again in 2008!

The lyrics mention that ” … every now and then, the old depression syndrome sets in.” BUT, it’s an upbeat song, written as a comfort song in bad times. I used the word “depression” freely because one could perceive this message as someone being medically depressed or of experiencing another great economic depression a-la 1931.

I dragged this out for a digital finish because I thought the words fit today as well. “Chase My Blues Away” has all of the elements of depression (” ..I wonder if the stock market will slide”) and invading armies (” .. I wonder if the Russians will over-run the hills”), but with one saving grace!

You get your blues chased away by something special that only YOU know can lift your spirits! It could be your best friend, your lover or maybe a tall bottle of something? Whatever, it’s there to comfort you and you’ll find it after the day or night shift is over.

I re-cut this in the 80’s and did this digital version in March of 2008 using the basic analog reel to reel tracks as the foundation. In the same genre and sessions of “Don’t Throw Me Away”, this mp3 is from the original high quality master tape with straight digital transfer from a 1/4″ 1/4 track AKAI DB4000 stereo reel to reel analog tape deck, 7.5 IPS to digital media through a budget MG2/2 Yamaha mixing console.

Original tracks come off of AMPEX 456 Grand Master tape at 15ips. Drum track was the only digital element added in 2008, coming from an Alesis drum machine, played real time with my own fingertips to the buttons (no loops) and just enough to give the track a kick. Mics used were 2 relatively cheap Audio Technica Cardoid condenser mics for vocals, Shure M58 for acoustic guitar, direct bass guitar into mixer and Alesis manually played drums.

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From my original recording notes in 1980, I did the guitar tracks first .. Petillo 6 string acoustic, Ibanez Concord 6 string acoustic, 1965 Swedish Hagstrom classic bass. Backing harmonies were next (with a low rockabilly and high falsetto harmony) done in 2 passes. Close mic’d lead vocal was recorded next, then bass was punched in via direct recording into orignal analog reel to reel machines.

All total, you can consider this 5 tracks ADD. Again, in the name of preserving analogue “warmth”, I had to plan each track in advance. What I have here is a punchy mix that works well and sounds much brighter in digital format. I played all the instruments and did all of the vocals. Painstaking work!

Sampled in 16 bit, 44K stereo format, the mp3 seems to lose slightly from the orignal WAV file and the orignal tape track has much more fidelity in my opinion. This production is simple and is designed to get a comforting message across in the middle of a threatening worldwide depression. This recording has been airing on smaller stations for years, and contrary to a recent rumor, the backing voices are NOT the Jordanaires (wish they were with me though.)

I did all of the background vocals and disquises. This version of “Chase My Blues Away” appears on ILLUMINATED SOLE, THE SOLE PROPRIETOR, Copyright 2008 Ronald C. Jeff. Please offer up your comments and I do hope that you enjoy the ironies of this song.

Further information is available at www.thesoleproprietor.com



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