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CEntrance Releases Beta Version Of Universal Driver Software For Windows

CEntrance Releases Beta Version Of Universal Driver Software For Windows


CEntrance Inc. has announced availability of a beta version of its Universal Driver. The much-anticipated Windows audio software features unique technology that enables consumers to combine FireWire audio interfaces from various manufacturers into one, feature-rich audio system. Formerly incompatible audio devices can now record and play together in one studio setup. The beta version is offered free after registering, while the released version will retail at $79.95US.

The CEntrance Universal ASIO Driver's unique technology features multi-host and multi-device capability. Project studio owners and musicians will appreciate the ability to record and play audio using multiple audio devices with one application, or multiple applications with one interface. This high level of flexibility was previously unavailable under Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The CEntrance Universal Driver has features that are demanded by computer audio users worldwide, such as easy installation, robust performance and low latency. CEntrance developed the software to be compatible with the majority of commercially available audio systems and has performed extensive internal testing. The public beta version is available for download for a limited time, prior to the upcoming commercial release of the software, to expand test coverage using different combinations of audio software, recording interfaces, and Windows computer systems. The current beta supports audio devices from Apogee, Behringer, M-Audio, and Presonus, and is compatible with most ASIO hosts.

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