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CC4 Releases Ridiculously Red Free VST Synthesizer

CC4 Releases Ridiculously Red Free VST Synthesizer


Ridiculously Red is a monophonic hybrid virtual studio instrument in PC VST format, intended for live use due to its drone capabilities, but it can also be used normally to create dirty & gritty leads, thick basses, and pads with a sense of movement.

Ridiculously Red's features include:

  • Three continuous oscillator selection banks
  • One continuous noise oscillator
  • Gate switches for each bank and noise oscillator
  • Pulse width control for each bank
  • Coarse and fine tune controls for each bank
  • Gate switches and amount control for additive noise to each bank
  • Three buttons for experimental semi-modular routing
  • Three modifiers to control experimental semi-modular routing
  • Amplitude envelope controls for each bank: Delay, Attack, Peak, Hold, Delay1, Break-Point, Delay2, Sustain, Release, and Overall level
  • Three unique LFOs with oscillator bank routing destinations
  • Envelope retriggering and portamento controls
  • Patch independent velocity and volume controls
  • Knob automation bank with on/off switches, smoothness control, knob rotation amount, & rotation speed
  • 63 non-automated patches, 64 knob automated patches, plus one blank patch

Ridiculously Red is available now as a free download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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