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Carvin Debuts NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar Video

Carvin Debuts NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar Video


Carvin is pleased to announce the debut of the NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar Video. Featuring guitar virtuoso Steve Oliver—considered by many music enthusiasts as a superstar of the adult contemporary pop and smooth jazz musical genres—the NS1 video offers an in-depth look at the numerous capabilities of the incredible NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar.

Carvin's new NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar is a remarkable instrument, and this new video explains in considerable detail the instrument's many capabilities. Featuring the stunning beauty and impeccable playing characteristics that have made Carvin's custom guitar shop legendary, the NS1 Nylon Synth Access guitar combines the attributes of a nylon string acoustic with the power of MIDI synthesizer access—opening new doors of creative expression for guitarists everywhere.

Throughout the entire NS1 video, viewers are treated to some truly extraordinary performances by Steve Oliver. As both a Carvin endorser and a consultant in the design of the NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar, Oliver knows this amazing instrument intimately, as is evidenced by the high caliber performances included in the presentation. Guitarists of all musical styles will appreciate Oliver's high degree of musicianship and the truly inspiring performances and lush sounds this wonderful new instrument is capable of.

As a performance tool, the NS1 excels. By plugging a standard guitar cable into the instrument, guitarists are able to play the NS1 through any acoustic amp or PA. The real magic, however, comes by plugging the NS1 into a guitar synthesizer module using the provided 13-pin cable. The new NS1 video does a spectacular job of opening one's eyes to the capabilities of guitar synthesis and, additionally, offers a close look at the controls and other pertinent aspects that make the NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar such a revolutionary instrument.

Mark Kiesel, Vice President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company's new NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar Video. “Our new NS1 was designed to provide a wealth of sonic experiences,” said Kiesel, “and this new video does a terrific job of demonstrating the instrument's vast capabilities. Steve Oliver's playing shows, firsthand, just how incredibly expressive the NS1 can be. This new demonstration video is both informative and musically inspiring for guitarists of all levels.”

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