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Carr Announces Hammerhead Mk II Amps and Cabinets


The new Hammerhead MK II from Carr Amplifiers is a 28 Watt EL-34 hand-wired Class A amp, available in head or combo formats, offering output tube overdrive with a super simple signal path. Rock, hot blues, and pop guitarists can find wide range of tones from semi-clean to full on overdrive with just the right amount of vintage funk. The MK II offers a new single knob tone circuit with On/Off switch. The fully redesigned power supply improves openness and 'Feel' while increasing sustain and clarity, according to the company.

New Head design and 1-12 or 2-12 closed back extension cabinets with asymmetrical curved backs for surprising low end in a small package loaded with Cannabis Rex speakers by Eminence. All cabinets solid pine using dovetailed corners. Cabinets are available with optional built in selectable full or 1/4 power attenuator (50 watts max input).


  • Head – $1250
  • 1-12 Ext cab – $650 (add $100 for attenuator)
  • 2-12 Extension cab – $750 (add $100 for attenuator)
  • 1-12 Combo – $1490
  • 2-12 Combo – $1690

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These new models will start shipping in June.

For more information, visit their web site at

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