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Carl Martin's PlexiRanger - Like a 70's Plexi with a treble boost

Carl Martin’s PlexiRanger – Like a 70’s Plexi with a treble boost, and more

Deep down, Carl can be a bit of a nerd…There are constantly several projects open on his desk and occasionally, he will be toying around and something totally unexpected happens.

Something surprisingly cool where you stop and want to say whaaaaaat?The PlexiRanger is one of those results…

Think 70's Plexi with a Treble Boost in front of it…..yet so much more!

People have often asked for a PlexiTone with some mid control….this is kind of their answer, but with a lot more to offer…typically Carl!

Interested?  You should be…come meet the PlexiRanger at
Carl Martin.

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