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Can a single loop of wire, can be the best pickup ever?


A single loop of wire, can be the best pickup ever!

Since, the beginning of guitar pickup design, there has been a quest for
the perfect magnetic pickup. They knew that the massive coils used in
these pickups, could be a problem. This could be; frequency response,
resonance and extraneous noise. The construction of pickups have been a
balance of coil winding, for the desired sound and the constant question,
'Is this the real sound of the string and why by changing the smallest
amount of wraps is so important to the sound?'

It is now possible to have the string as a single loop of wire, deliver the 'real sound' to the amplifier with a simple impedance matching mechanism. To achieve this, the string is insulated from other metal parts that will complete an electrical circuit with other strings. The bridge and nut must be nonconducting materials. The metal frets are okay as long as they don't complete an electrical circuit. This is an extremely low impedance and the resistance of other strings will be a hindrance. Each string is connected as a single loop of wire, to act as the primary of an input transformer. A magnet is placed near the strings, to energize the steel strings with a magnetic field.

This is the full circuit for each string and is a divided pickup, which can be maintained as such or can be made mono, in series or a combination of series/parallel connections.

The string signals are separate and can be fed into individual circuits i.e.; EQ and effects and with an optional midi connector package, will be available to connect to a midi guitar interface. This allows for midi sounds and guitar to be played at the same time.

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