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Cakewalk Debuts Version 3 of Guitar Tracks Pro

Cakewalk Debuts Version 3 of Guitar Tracks Pro


March 31, 2004

Cakewalk announce Guitar Tracks Pro 3, the latest version of the popular and feature-rich recording software, designed specifically for guitar players and songwriters, at this year's Musikemesse show in Frankfurt. Guitar Tracks Pro 3 has a suggested retail price of $209.00 U.S.

Based on Cakewalk's SONAR audio and MIDI technology, Guitar Tracks Pro 3 provides recording guitarists and songwriters with tools to create music productions using their home computer. Guitar Tracks Pro 3 boasts new features such as a completely redesigned 32×8 mixing view, dynamic edit view, and navigator pane; multi I/O support for up to 32 channels of hardware at 24/96 resolution, allowing users to record large scale projects with ease; real-time monitoring of effects and inputs; complete automation of track parameters and effects; audio looping tools and ACID loop support; sample accurate sync generation for use with external hard disk recorders or sequencers; extensive library of ACID loops from Smart Loops for the quick creation of backing tracks at any tempo; GT:FX multi-effects suite; IK Multimedia's Amplitube LE guitar amp simulator.

Guitar Tracks Pro 3 Key Features:

Completely redesigned user interface
Setup wizard
Record 32 audio tracks
Support for up to 32 hardware inputs/outputs
24-bit/96kHz audio hardware support
32×8 mixing view layout with assignable FX and 2 auxiliary busses with per bus pre/post option
Navigator view get a bird's eye view of your project
Complete automation of track parameters and FX
Real-time monitoring of effects and inputs
Apply 32 simultaneous effects in real-time, non-destructively
Comprehensive sync generation for use with external hard disk recorders or sequencers
Support for DirectX and VST effects (VST support through included Cakewalk VST Adapter)
Amplitube LE guitar amp simulator
GT:FX multi-effects suite including chorus/flange, compressor/gate, parametric EQ, phaser, reverb and tempo delay
Audio loop construction tools and full support for ACID -format files
Extensive library of ACID loops from Smart Loops for creation of backing tracks, fast
Import/Export .wav, .mp3, and .wma files
Sample rate conversion when importing and exporting audio Guitar Tracks Pro 3 now utilizes the high quality Windowed Sync resampler algorithm
Integrated tuner and metronome
Support for multiple meters and tempos
ASIO and WDM hardware support

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