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Cakewalk and Roland Alliance Bears First Fruit: Kinetic

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Thursday January 1, 2004

May 31, 2004

Cakewalk has announced Cakewalk Kinetic, the fast and easy way for anyone to create electronic music on their PC. Kinetic has an estimated street price of $79.00 U.S.

Kinetic provides a new, fast, and simple way of creating Hip Hop, Dance and Electronica beats and grooves. Kinetic combines a click-and-groove sequencer interface with genuine Roland sounds in an affordable package.

Kinetic makes electronic music beats creation accessible to everyone, providing hundreds of recorded patterns. Simply select the instrument and style of music you want then, just point, click, and you're composing your own song with hundreds of music patterns and loops. If you wish to add your own special flavor to the mix, you can modify the existing patterns or create your own; experiment with the included audio loops by the X-MiX producers, creators of major label club remixes; add effects, and explore the other music making features that Kinetic has to offer.

Kinetic features 100%-genuine Roland instrument sounds from the genre-defining groove boxes that have been the mainstay of chart-toppers and underground legends for decades. You could easily spend over a thousand dollars to get the hardware versions of these Roland instruments, now for the first time, all you need is Kinetic and a PC.

Add audio recording to your experience by connecting Kinetic with any other Rewire host application. Connect with your friends and the music community by exporting standard WAV files of your mix to burn CDs, or MP3s to share on the web.


Pricing & Availability

Cakewalk Kinetic has an estimated street price of $79.00 U.S., and is available at music and sound retailers.

Last year, Roland Corporation and Cakewalk announced a strategic alliance that includes a shared vision of delivering the best products for musicians as one of it key tenets. Kinetic represents the first retail software product developed through the companies' cooperation.

For more information, visit their web site at

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