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Boss Unveils RC-20XL Phrase Recorder

Boss Unveils RC-20XL Phrase Recorder


July 23, 2004

Whether for use onstage or at home, the new RC-20XL allows musicians
to create multi-layered performances in real time. Loops and riffs can be
stacked repeatedly until the 16 minutes of ample recording space is full.

The RC-20XL picks up where the RC-20 leaves off, as it offers more recording
time and more features, but at the same price as before. The RC-20XL inherits
the same “hands-free” pedal operation from the RC-20: Record, Play, and Overdub
can be done with the left pedal; your hands are free to play your instruments.
But now you get 16 minutes of recording time to capture and store loops or
one-shot phrases (approximately three times that of the RC-20), and you can
work your way backward thanks to the new Undo function, a necessity if you
make a mistake during overdub.

The RC-20XL has 11 memory tracks in which to store one-shot and/or looped
phrases. During your performance, you can switch between the tracks with an
optional FS-6 Dual Footswitch, or two FS-5U footswitches (momentary-type).
The Undo function can be a useful and musical function for erasing your previous
phrase and instantly layering a new one.

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After you've dazzled the crowd with your layered masterpiece, bring it to
a proper end with one of the RC-20XL's three Stop options. When you hit the
pedal, you can either immediately stop the playback, let the phrase play until
the end, or fade it out.

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