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Boss GT-8 Floor Processor Unveiled

Boss GT-8 Floor Processor Unveiled


January 20, 2005

Double your power with BOSS's new GT-8 floor-based processor. Loaded with twin COSM modeling engines, this top-of-the-line processor allows players to layer and manipulate two amp models simultaneously during performance. The Dynamic mode enables two channels to be controlled based on picking strength — transition smoothly from clean to mean by simply picking harder or softer.

Step into the spotlight with the GT-8's new Solo Switch feature; each of the 46 COSM amp models contains a specially programmed variation that's optimized for soloing. Simply click the Solo switch to activate the lead tone, and off you go — it's like having a separate solo channel on every COSM amp.

Forty-four effects categories are built into the GT-8. Up to 13 effects blocks can be used simultaneously to create complex textures and routings. All FX bases are covered — compressors, reverbs, choruses, EQs, COSM -modeled wahs, and much more. There are 200 preset patches built in, plus 140 user patches for storing custom amp/effects creations. As a special bonus, there's a selection of synth waves onboard, including sitar, plus acoustic simulators and an acoustic processor.

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Another area where the GT-8 stomps the competition is in its powerful effects routing. Internally, the 13 effects blocks can be configured in any order desired. Furthermore, external processors can be integrated via the Ext Loop send andreturn. Flexibility in routing is the name of the game.

The GT-8 is stocked with enough I/O options to satisfy even the most demanding pro. In addition to its stereo analog outs, it offers a 24-bit coaxial output for ultra-clean digital transfer, an Amp Control jack for switching between two amp channels on an external amp, an external expression/control pedal jack, effects send and returns, MIDI in and out, and a headphone output.

For more information, visit their web site at www.bossus.com

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