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“Blusie Susie” by Casey Dilworth


This song “Blusie Susie” for lack of a better name, I recorded a couple years ago now, I guess.

At tht time I was using Cool Edit Version 2 for a recording medium. I always do my recording on my computer using line in. I now use Adove Auditon 3.

I start the recording using a Gretsch Rancher Jr. for the rythmn, then I will, use a Leslie effect on the rythmn, to give the added dimesion to the background.

On this recording I am also using a Sho Bud Pedal Steel Guitar in the background for tythmn sounds. They do not always have to whiny like they do to a lot of people.

The drums are always loops, I cannot play drums, so I do not try to do that myself, Which brings me to the point that all the imstruments are played by me, the one man band syndrome.

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I use a telecaster bass, 1874 model.For the lead on this song, I am using a Telexaster Thinline I purchased new in 1974 as well. Have had it all these years, kept it stock and it has never failed me yet.I also own a Gretxch Country Classic, but, that one is only about five yeats old, excellent guitar. I will use that when I record the slower more easy listening songs, instrumental that is.

I guess I do not know what else to tell you, I do all my instrumentals as I said at home, and do all the parts but the drums myself, I do not know if that is a good idea though, you have a tendency to repeat after awhile, so you have to really watch for that I think.

I guess that will conclude my story,My voice recordings at are all done in a professional studio with A team players so, that is a different ball game. I know the they use protools on a Mac for their mixing though, with many different processors involved.

Thanks for a chance to tell me little story, and good luck to all,


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