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Blue Sky Introduces EXO Stereo Monitoring System

Blue Sky Introduces EXO Stereo Monitoring System


Blue Sky announces the launch of EXO—more than a set of external speakers for your computer. EXO is a complete, full-range studio monitoring solution, that provides the kind of audio performance Blue Sky users and reviewers have been raving about for the last five years, while also integrating a number of unique features and benefits not currently found on other products.

The system consists of an 8″ powered subwoofer (which also contains the amplifiers and bass management circuitry for the system), Left & Right 2-way satellite speakers, and an ingenious desktop remote 'hub'. One of the more unique features of this hub is that it allows you to simultaneously plug in and monitor an assortment of peripherals via the XLR / TRS, RCA and 3.5 mm mini jack inputs. For example, the user can quickly connect a computer, a MP3 player or a mixer, and monitor all three sources at the same time. In addition, the user can control the gain of the system and dial in the subwoofer level, all without needing to crawl around under a desk. The hub also incorporates a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which when used mutes the monitoring system. For the user this provides a new level of convenience and flexibility, allowing for a better integration of the EXO stereo monitoring system into the work environment of today's audio / video professional.

“EXO really redefines a new level of features and performance for the audio / video professional and hobbyist looking for studio monitors,” says Blue Sky VP, Chris Fichera. “We've taken all of our pro audio R&D expertise, applied and packaged it into a system that delivers a number of unique features, but at the same time delivers the kind of performance synonymous with all Blue Sky studio monitoring systems. With the introduction of this new entry level system, an even wider group of users will be able to obtain Blue Sky full-range audio performance.”

A Short Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • True, full-range stereo monitoring system
  • Two – 3″ 2-way satellites, with 1″ soft-dome tweeter
  • Separate 8″ subwoofer, for extended low frequency response
  • 160 Watts of total system power (35W per satellite, 90W subwoofer)
  • Convenient desktop remote control and connection hub
  • XLR / TRS inputs for pro mixers and DAWs
  • RCA inputs for computer soundcards and CD players, etc.
  • 3.5mm mini jack input for iPods and mp3 players
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • MSRP (US): $399
  • Shipping mid-June '07

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