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Blue Cat Ports Plug-Ins to VST, Adds New Phaser Effect


January 4, 2005

Blue Cat's Music Software's DirectX plug-ins have been updated and several also ported to the VST PC format. In addition to the Flanger and Chorus plug-ins (both of which are available for free), a Phaser is also available (the mono version is free, but the stereo version is shareware). The Digital Peak Meter plug-in has also been updated, and a “Pro” version created, but these are DirectX compatible only.

The Flanger, Chorus and the new Phaser all come in mono and stereo versions, offering real-time control over parameters without “zipper” noise. All parameters can be automated as well. The new phaser offers common controls, as well as a “Stages” control to change the number of internal filter stages used. All plug-ins have received some fixes since their initial release.

The Flanger, Chorus, and Phaser plug-ins feature:

  • DirectX and VST plug-in formats
  • “Smooth Update” mechanism so you can modify parameters in real time without clicks.
  • Random preset creation
  • Factory presets included
  • Full automation support (all parameters can be automated, with smooth and continuous update, on both VST and DX platforms)
  • Any Sample Rate supported
  • No extra latency
  • Supports mono and stereo streams
  • 32 bits Floating Point streams support, as well as 8 and 16 bits PCM streams (DirectX only)
  • Stereo versions include a slider to control the stereo width of the effect.

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Blue Cat has also created a “Pro” version of their Digital Peak Meter plug-in for DirectX only. The free version provides a real-time peak meter, clip indicator, and the abililty to record peak level information as an automation envelope. The affordable “Pro” version provides some additional controls for tweaking the created automation envelope, letting you reverse the envelope, change thelevel, and add an offset.

All the plug-ins are available now for free download, with the exception of the Stereo Phaser, which costs 10 Euro, and the Digital Peak Meter Pro, which costs 5 Euro.

For more information, visit their web site at

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