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“Black and Blue” by Sunstation


Factoids: Pop-rock album by Barcelona-based Sunstation, a 4-piece rock band led by Canadian singer-songwriter Cece Gianotti.

The band had a series of club and local festival gigs over the span of no more than six months. There were practically no rehearsals before entering the studio.

Except for tunes 3 and 4 on the Sunstation CD, the rest were usually done live so they were fresh, however, the band was really tight anyway. The only 'studio cracted' tune was number 7 on the CD (Mitakuye).

Most tunes include one to three takes on most of the basic rhythm tracks which were 90% played live in the studio (drums, bass, rhythm and/or acoustic guitar). Solos and vocals plus some effects came later in the mix.a

The band has always characterized itself for maintaining a high floor of minimal performing excellence during the shows.

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The CD was recorded an mixed in 14 days at B+B Studios, Barcelona. Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York.

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