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BIAS Ships SoundSoap Pro Audio Restoration Plug-In

BIAS Ships SoundSoap Pro Audio Restoration Plug-In


May 26, 2004

BIAS began shipping SoundSoap Pro, the audio restoration plug-in
for Mac OS X and Windows XP, aimed at professional audio producers, engineers,
musicians, sound designers, videographers, and forensic scientists. Along
with the company's SoundSoap (targeted at entry-level users), BIAS now provides
noise reduction solutions for users at all levels.

Four Tools in One – an Integrated Approach

Rather than splitting the restoration process into separate plug-ins, SoundSoap
Pro uses an integrated interface that allows the user to access any tool quickly
and easily from within a single plug-in window. Tool navigation tabs are labeled
(left to right) “Hum & Rumble,” “Click & Crackle,” “Broadband,” and “Noise
Gate” – reflecting the suggested order in which the operations should be performed,
to obtain the best possible results. The tabs even provide convenient parameter
feedback, allowing the user to monitor the primary tool settings globally,
regardless of which tool is currently selected.

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Multi-band NR

Many broadband noise reduction solutions (including BIAS' entry-level SoundSoap)
work by analyzing, or “learning,” a noise profile, which can then be suppressed
using a pair of threshold and reduction controls that operate across the entire
frequency band. While this can achieve fine results, more challenging noise
problems, as well as more discerning ears, demand additional control.

Some products go to the opposite extreme to address these needs, with individual
controls for hundreds of frequency bands. But as many audio engineers are aware,
this multi-band method can prove to be time-consuming, cumbersome, and confusing
– leading in turn to an increased risk of “chirping”, “muffling”, “flanging”,
and other annoying artifacts.

SoundSoap Pro's approach to multi-band noise reduction focuses on speed, usability,
and performance. SoundSoap Pro groups 512 bands into 12 discrete threshold
and reduction sliders – delivering dramatically enhanced efficiency, ease-of-use.
The sliders may be easily grouped with a lock button, and 12 level meters assist
in threshold adjustments. When used with SoundSoap Pro's additional attack,
release, and tilt controls, broadband noise can be dramatically reduced, while
reducing the chance of any inadvertent artifacts.

Enhanced Visual & Audio Monitoring Options

SoundSoap Pro's tool area features a global, real-time spectrogram – providing
constant visual monitoring of spectral noise that may be in need of treatment.
With its color codes, the spectrogram allows users to discern problem areas
and make relevant tool adjustments, all while listening to – and watching –
the results. Furthermore, users can easily hear the noise they are reducing
by selecting “Noise Only.” Unlike Bypass – which can be used globally or for
each tool, and which bypasses the processing – the Noise Only button allows
the user to hear, on a global level, only what is being removed.

These two features allow SoundSoap Pro users to ensure that undesired noise
is effectively suppressed – and that desired signals are unaffected by the
restoration process.

Supporting All Leading Plug-In Hosts

SoundSoap Pro is designed for every major plug-in host. The roster includes
BIAS Peak 4 (VST/Audio Units), Pro Tools (RTAS), Avid Express DV (Audio Suite),
Peak 4/Logic Audio/Digital Performer (Audio Units), Nuendo,Cubase SX/SL,Wavelab
(VST), Sonar, Premiere (DirectX), and many other compatible hosts.

Pricing & Availability

BIAS SoundSoap Pro is available now at a suggested retail price of $599 US.
BIAS' original entry-level SoundSoap remains available at a suggested retail
price of $99 US. SoundSoap customers may upgrade to SoundSoap Pro for $499

For more information, visit their web site at

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